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March 15th, 2012: Introduction of Leja pre-stained SpermBlue morphology slides

Leja is proud to introduce a new product dedicated to morphology analysis. Leja now enters the field of qualitative analysis as well as quantitative analysis of sperm cells. More info can be found here.

2012 Congress participation of Leja

In 2012, Leja will be present, and / or represented on the following conventions:

  • ALPHA: April 27 - 29, London UK
  • ESHRE: July 01 - 04, Istanbul Turkey: booth B9
  • AAAA: July 28 - July 29, Vancouver Canada
  • ICAR: July 29 - August 02, Vancouver Canada
  • AQUA: September 01 - 05, Prague Czech Republic
  • ASRM: October 20 - 24, San Diego USA
  • Eurotier: November 11 - 13, Hannover Germany

August 23rd, 2011: Poster on Leja at ICBSP, Bonn

Leja standpoint:
At the 2011 ICBSP in Bonn, Germany, there was a poster presentation on the Leja slides from the HUMECO group in Spain (click on the image above for a larger version [1179kb]).
Leja supports the conclusions of the poster presentation. Leja supplies a 12 month warranty on all shipments from the date of dispatch from Leja to our distributors. In case of any malfunction within this period, Leja always replaces slides after confirmation. After this period, Leja has always been lenient about replacing slides if necessay since we strongly believe we have a qualitative outstanding product and we would like our customers to believe the same.

For more information, please contact Leja directly: info@leja.nl

Poster text:
A Echegaray, A Akourki, R Berges, JR Garulo. Laboratory of Biotechnology HUMECO, Huesca, Spain

Toxic effects of Leja-4 counting chambers on sperm motility have been reported previously (Hansen, 2009, VIIIth International Conference on Pig Reproduction, Alberta, Canada, 213–51). The aim of this study was to estimate this effect depending on the date of manufacture of the different Leja-4 chamber batches.
Semen from 30 boars routinely used for AI was included in this study. Each ejaculate was diluted in a commercial extender to a concentration of 30–35 million spermatozoa per ml, and transported to our laboratory at 17!C within 30 h of collection. Diluted ejaculates were activated by incubation at 38.5!C for 20 min and then, evaluated by a CASA system (SCOPUS 1.0; BIOPROYECT, Spain). At least five images were captured from each sample, only in the first third of the sample inlet area of the chamber. The chamber batches were classified regarding of the time passed since their manufacturing date:

  • (Batch A) 2 months
  • (Batch B) 26 months
  • (Batch C) 32 months
  • (Batch D) 38 months

Total motility (% TM), progressive motility (% PM), sperm average path velocity (lm/s VAP) and linearity index (LIN) were analysed. Statistical analyses were performed using SPSS 15.0.1. A statistically significant effect (p < 0.05) of the chamber batch was seen for TM and VAP, but not for PM or LIN.
Mean ± SD values were for TM:

  • (A) 74.27 ± 10.91
  • (B) 65.23 ± 16.84
  • (C) 69.5 ± 19.0
  • (D) 68.4 ± 16.2

and for PM:

  • (A) 45.5 ± 14.4
  • (B) 38.6 ± 11.3
  • (C) 44.2 ± 16.0
  • (D) 45.0 ± 13.1

and for VAP:

  • (A) 68.5 ± 16.3
  • (B) 51.2 ± 18.9
  • (C) 58.9 ± 19.2
  • (D) 43.6 ± 12.7

and for LIN:

  • (A) 40.4 ± 13.6
  • (B) 36.3 ± 10.0
  • (C) 39.6 ± 12.0
  • (D) 37.5 ± 8.8

As expected, the best motility results were achieved when sperm samples were evaluated in the 2-months old chambers, and the worst results were found for the 38-months old chambers. Interestingly, batches B and C, made < 6 months apart, but showed significant differences in VAP. Also, the batch C, older than B, showed better motility results. For batches B, C, and D the 12-month warranty period was expired.

We have often observed that some laboratories used Leja chambers without performing any quality control. They used even (sometimes unknowingly) expired batches. Any information regarding expiry date appears on the Leja boxes. Efforts will be made to inform all Leja chamber users about the correct use of these slides.


November 1st, 2010: New distributor in France

Leja is proud to announce the cooperation between CRYO BIO SYSTEM starting as of today. CBS will carry the entire Leja product portfolio in France for the clinical laboratories, IVF clinics, and general R&D centres.

LEJA a le plaisir d'annoncer qu’à partir du 1er novembre 2010, CRYO BIO SYSTEM devient le distributeur exclusif de l’ensemble de la gamme LEJA sur le territoire français.

Nouvelle informations importantes pour nos clients Français
(laboratoire de FIV, laboratoire R & D, laboratoire de l'hôpital clinique)
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